"Although I am not a resident of Chateauguay, I am an industrial citizen since 1999. Seasoned marathoner, I had the chance to run in fantastic places. But running along the Chateauguay River is a marvel at its natural beauty and its simplicity, it's a magical place. You know, we encounter gems every day, but often without knowing it.

Why believe in the ARRC and encourage the incredible efforts of Marie Klaudia and his team? First because each little effort combined with the other small efforts, improve this beautiful river. But also to bring a collective, corporate awareness, that I hope it provides a very strong sense of belonging to the community for our employees. MacLean Power and its employees are proud to contribute.

Thank you

Jean-Pierre Guay



Hyundai Châteauguay, with the ardor and determination of its president Jean Leblanc, now gives an environmental priority, that of getting back our river health. This love for Chateauguay River, Jean Leblanc transmits to all its employees, friends and new owners of Hyundai Chateauguay cars. Will he be the first automobile depositary to defend the environment in our region?

"I live in the area for 20 years. Few people can boast such a heritage jewel running through their municipality. A few even sees it. Now forming part of this great community, I cannot remain indifferent to the problems facing our Friend, La Châteauguay. That is why I am committed with the complicity of my employees and the ARRC to provide a lot of efforts to help us find this lost friend hoping that many citizens, including you, will one day soon, make this appointment. "

Jean Leblanc




Michel Thibault, journalist for the Soleil de Châteauguay, was the first to understand that it did not make sense to leave the Chateauguay River in a sorry state. Thanks to his support and complicity while he put his talent as a journalist at the disposal of the ARRC; those who favors citizen participation. He had already understood that in addition to find our beautiful River healthy and develop pride in citizens, this participation, de facto, saves a lot of money to municipalities and the different levels of Government in addition to give added value to river bank homes and municipal housing.

"The Chateauguay River is part of my daily life since I moved into a house close to in 1989. Everyday I see her while going at the office of Le Soleil, where I work for more than twenty years now. This is the companion that beautifies my long cycling trips and my running. With its reflections, quiet or sometimes tumultuous waters its birds and turtles. When a new Chateauguay citizen contacted the journalist that I am to take the idea to create a group dedicated to protecting this treasure, I explained the project in the pages of Le Soleil. The proposal of Marie Klaudia Dubé brought together many friends of the river around a common goal. It is an honor for me to witness these forces and constructive work for the benefit of a beautiful river that really needs the support of its community. "

Michel Thibault




Michel Létourneau, architect in Chateauguay, was the first, in a lecture given at the Centre Culturel de Chateauguay, to make us relive the glory days experienced by the Chateauguay. This first conference will allow ARRC to be discovered.

"The Chateauguay River has always been part of my life. Of my childhood holidays spent with family in a cottage in Chateauguay, I remember a stone structure in ruins, located on the other side of the river, which intrigued me a lot, and I learned later it was the Assumption mill once owned by the Grey Nuns. My Professional life as an architect brought me in Chateauguay. After all these years, the river still is ravishing to us, whenever his mood changes, we are concerned. May she get out of bed? Why the level is so low? Why so many dead fish, garbage, pollutants and noisy boats? "
Michel Létourneau





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