Gala - 2012

The ARRC, friends and neighbors of the Châteauguay River, are held 3rd Annual Gala on November 1.

Agriculture was the main theme of the evening hosted by actress France Pilote.

Code of Ethics:

The founding president of the ARRC, Klaudia Marie-Dubé, expressed "joy to share this desire to find our river health back." She said that the organization had established a code ethics. "Its implementation will allow avoiding any misbehavior on the part of our volunteers."

After Châteauguay and Mercier, both of the two new municipalities targeted in action plan 2012-2017 were represented at this event. Sainte-Martine was also represented. the mayor Mr. Candau was represented by Maude Laberge. A complete table was reserved by the elected Sainte-Martine. Stéphane van Sandert, councilor, along with Ms. Jocelyne Madore and Carole Chabot were there to represent the Municipality of Ormstown. "Son of a farmer, I do not like saying this, that there is agricultural pollution but it exists," stated Stéphane van Sandert.

Among other speakers, Priscilla Garreau, biologist and PhD in Environmental Ambioterra organization which works since 2009 to protect and restore the water quality of the Rivière des anglais, a tributary of the most problematic of the Châteauguay River. "Our results show that the water quality upstream, near the border is good, and then it becomes bad downstream. This shows that it is the Quebec portion that is the source of contamination, "she observed. The main threats to fish are erosion, sedimentation, eutrophication, water contamination and inadequate riparian area.

For his part, Jean-François Martel, biologist for the reminder specialized agency in the field, went further by stating that 27 km of shoreline of the Châteauguay studied, 48% were moderately or severely degraded.

All seem to agree that the majority of producers are aware of the situation and make efforts to improve their practices. Part of who, Lionel Dubuc, dairy farm Dul-bin Mercier, provided examples of improvements made on their land to reduce erosion. Dul-Bac is very proactive in terms of its sustainable methods of agricultural production.

Price Oak:

The ARRC has given an award to Remburn Oak Farm, owned by Carl and John Rember, in Ormstown, for his longstanding contribution to the improvement of the river. "I hope that my little son of a month old will one day swim in the river," said John Rember receiving the award on behalf of the company.

In the business category, Chateauguay Hyundai dealer wins the prize. President Jean Leblanc encouraged other retailers to follow suit. "In 2013, our employees will give 39 volunteers two hours each. It's not much, but if every company did that we will do something good, "he said. »We'll also pay the $ 5 per car ARRC sold. This could be approximately $ 6,000. «Mr. Leblanc said that this organization had a payroll equal to 0. »It's just volunteering."

In the Industrial category, Maclean Power Systems, Chateauguay, received the award for his contribution to the development of a platform to Mercier. President Jean-Pierre Guay noted that, for each day of volunteering his company offered a day off to their employees. He also hoped that the gesture will inspire others. Mr. Guay also became an honorary member of the ARRC.
In the category city, Mercier got an oak for its support to the proposed dock materialized.

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