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Tuesday, December 11, 2012 in Châteauguay, ARRC has lived historical experience with some representatives of the Traditional Council of Kahnawake and some Mayas of Guatemala. This meeting was conducted following events organized by the Circle of First Nations UQAM in partnership with indigenous peoples as well as the collaboration of the Wampum, Quebec Native Women and The Mohawk Traditional Council of Kahnawake. Chateauguay River has been a source of inspiration for an intermediary for the realization of this first meeting. She wants to be a concern of members of the Mohawk Traditional Council as well as for members of the ARRC (Friends and Residents of Chateauguay River).
Stone Iwaasa was mandated to meet these three groups of people having experienced what we perceive as different but, in reality, is so similar. Opening the evening was made according to Aboriginal tradition with Stuart Myiow Sr Bear Clan, an elder representing the Mohawk Traditional Council and Stone Iwaasa. Each participant this evening experienced a rite of purification based on Native American sacred herbs, sage.

Stuart Myiow Sr reminded us of the obligation to defend our Mother Earth. We must stop exploiting the maximum; we must stop the match because man goes all to a fatal end. Our Mother Earth is a living identity, universal and recognizes we need to know everything that lives in it and on it. Together, we must look at the issues of the actions we take on our mother earth. We must protect our land and water. Formerly, he said, it was the middle of the river to drink its water. Now it is no longer possible. We must each of us, peace and respect to our Mother Earth.

Grandfather Cotji KABAWILKAN Cristobal, Mayan spiritual guide, spoke to us about the end of 13 b'ak'tun in 2012, on Canadian companies coming to destroy our mother earth, the wealth of the land that hold 21 Guatemalan citizens. Ixmucane daughter working at the Community Centre explained the role of women and the rights of the latter in Maya society. Gustavo Jiménez Zamora Circle First Nations UQAM and Edith Mora-Castelán the Mohawk Traditional Council used translators from Spanish to French to English.
Exchanges ensued on mining and utility water on everything that lives globally.

Biography of Stone: Peace Activist Alberta, under the protection of the Bear Clan, MTC
Biography of Cristóbal Director Centro Comunal Kabawilkan, Chimaltenango, Guatemala
Biography of Stuart Myiow Sr: Senior important Kahnawake, with others conducted three times victorious opposition to the proposed casino by the council.


MEMORABLE among three peoples meeting (continued)

The Kahnawake Mohawk Traditional Council chose Stuart Myiow senior, the elder of Mohawk and member of the bear clan and Stone Iwaasa, recognized as an activist of Alberta peace that role was to welcome newcomers. Stone is also under the protection of the bear Clan. The newcomers are these citizens of the Maya people who shared an evening of friendship with friends and residents of the Chateauguay River. The Kahnawake Mohawk Traditional Council has chosen members of the ARRC to establish the first contact with their neighbors because the environmental organization is recognized to defend our mother earth and the water that nourishes it La Châteauguay, our beautiful river.

The speaker Cristóbal is Maya. He is Mayan priest's account of time and sun worship, founder of KABAWILKAN (Information Centre Communal Identity, and Intercultural Maya)

The earth is our own landfill; it will become our own grave.

With greater awareness we could all improve the world.

We are now opening up to the world.

He continued by reminding us of this heavy sentence's meaning: "I am you, you are me.

Cristobal tells us about the Mayan calendar and suffering experienced by his people. He spoke on October 4,2012, rape, murder, massacre and what not! And what yet! He continued with the story of the independence of Guatemala and the painful history of his people.

After 500 years of suffering, the Mayan people believed that with the end of this calendar, an era of peace and harmony enters a new cycle. This calendar represents the end of a cycle of 5,200 years. The Mayan professionals have never advanced the idea of ​​a catastrophe but rather the "end" of the Mayan calendar account in 2012 that destines us to a unity of all peoples. Great respect will be given to Mother Earth. The last decades have seen a revival born to unity and peace on earth. The last decades have seen rise a certain awakening to unity and peace on Earth. The Maya peoples and Aboriginal peoples are certain to resume their ancestral customs or the respect and protection of our mother earth and water. This is the Maya b’ak’tun. The Maya people aims to return as before, life in community inviting sharing with all peoples. This is the sole reason for this meeting. We are different people who are meant to protect all together, our Mother Earth, our rivers and our water.

Archibald also spoke of massacres lived in his village, various chaos upsetting the world and environmental problems.

All of these problems come from how we think and do. These are our own ideas that destroy us to add the speaker. The greatest threat to life is we. Have we really evolved when we look at the human? We forget the nature, we forget the Earth... that which nourishes us.

Then Cristóbal talked about Canadian mining companies that violate their land. They violate our land, we said. They make a lot of money and forget that we are here. But they are there, they, working together with the government. These industries are destroying everything. It is a crony with the Government and multinational corporations. There's a lot of political manipulation. The elections are to maintain control. The military has real power. They remove us our land. 21 families only have all our land. Guatemala’s Governments try to take ownership of our community lands that have thermal waters, they wanted to privatize everything but the Maya people stood up and said: no. The army arrived. Some places have become national parks and state owns the basement. This leaves the door open to multinationals.

It is the same thing will happen here. They will take everything that Earth provides us all. We will be emptied of all its wealth, forgetting that tomorrow our children will no longer survive or live.  It is very important to keep our own identity of the Maya, the Maya, the Mohawk Traditional and your peoples.

We are all inhabited by a same link whether political, cultural and social. It is for us who are aware, to develop this awareness that will allow us to continue to work together.

In Maya attitudes there is no prison but repair is.

The Maya want to establish dialogue, added. According to Archibald and the Maya people, the Government must consult the population: 99% of profits go to mining companies and 1% is the people. Is this normal? They are destroying our earth.

Here, we call it the "citizen PARTICIPATION", this is the basis, and it is also the foundation of the ARRC.
An exchange ensued between the three peoples.  We discussed shale gas, pollution of our river (which also concerned "traditional clan of the Mohawk"), of the fishing that has become impossible in the River add sadly Stuart Myiow senior, of oil and oil sands. Thus, the three peoples acknowledged sharing the same concerns.

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