The Beautiful Chateauguay River!

Do you know it well? Do you know a little? What about its geology, geography, history, botany or zoology?

You know it comes from the United States, almost clean, pure and transparent. Yet the moment it reaches us, it’s the 4th most polluted river in Quebec. Actually, we don’t really know it well at all. Maybe, because it’s a gem, we lost interest in it. It’s still very beautiful and interesting. However, compared to the past, it’s not what it used to be. Did you know that there used to be commercial fishing, we swam in it, and we used to be able to drink the water. All this changed in less than a century!

How can we reach the hearts and minds of people so that they can renew their emotional connection to the river, recapture the taste for this jewel and revive the love necessary to again find its innocence? How do you develop a crisis of conscience, a feeling of belonging? How do you change a citizen’s attitude to a privileged environment by the presence of an exceptional river? How do you mobilize people to intervene actively on an individual and on a collective basis?

This video will take us back almost 100 years and back again to the present where the river lost its innocence. We will also follow the evolution of the ecosystem of the river through the decades with the help of photos, testimony, scientific evidence of the flora and fauna of yesterday, today, the state of the water, the shores, the banks and the small and large tributaries which feed it and the dream of the change possible if we all make the effort. These elements are part of the images of the river today and contrast with old documents.

The ambition of the video itself will be a call to citizens.

Historians, scientists and seniors are invited:

  • To inform us of the evolution of the state of the river
  • To evaluate its present state
  • To identify the principle causes of its problems
  • To present possible remedies
  • To share the dreams they cherish for its future

Municipalities are invited to furnish contacts:

  • To identify or find photo material which show the same river sites today and yesterday
  • To identify certain senior citizens to testify to their experiences and their relationships to the river

Students are invited to collaborate as well, mainly in research of old photos and the carrying out of the interviews.

This video will present the past and the state of the river in 2010. It will raise the awareness of present and future generations of the beauty of the Chateauguay, its fragility and its direct dependence on our actions.

In the long term this video will be the witness of what the river will become as a result of the actions of each one of us. It will also give future generations a track record of the actions we will have taken since 2010 and the results achieved.

There remains one uniting tool and motivation to pursue our goal – the health of this ecosystem by future friends and residents in all that we do.

Director: Olivier D. Asselin

Researcher: Alain Lanson

Cameraman: Brian Anderson

Responsible for the Video: Alain Lanson

For all information and enquiries please contact Alan Lanson at

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