Plantation 2011:

Site: The Breeders Carfio in Mercier

May 14 ---- 100 trees planted by members of the ARRC (Francine Guay, André Meloche, Jean Chalifour and Clement Beaulieu)

May 17 ----- 150 trees planted by school students LPP skillfully directed by Professor Eric Pinard.

May 21 AM --- 100 trees planted by the owner of the garage Hyundai Châteauguay; Jean Leblanc with employees of his company. It should be noted that the fairer sex dominated the representation and it was very effective. Our President Klaudia Dubé and Marie Winkler Julika also participated in the planting.

May 21 PM ---- 25 trees planted at Guy Primeau, High River, Châteauguay by Clement Beaulieu.

So, 375 trees were planted along the river. The species used were
tamarack, red maple, silver maple, white ash and bur oak.

Garage Hyundai in Châteauguay Carfio in Mercier


École Louis-Philippe Paré  


May 2010 – A Châteauguay farmer accepted our request to plant a strip of bushes (Salaberry Nord). Our efforts are starting to be noticed and appreciated. Again the LPP students under the direction of Colette Chayer were as efficient as last year. We also note that Mrs. Laplante helped with this project. The bushes were paid for by a subsidy from the “syndicat national de l’eau” run by Louise Brunet from LPP. Like an orchestra conductor, Colette Chayer supervised the energetic students who are proud to participate in the protection of our beautiful river.

The 275 bushes used were dogwood, bent grass, aronia, diervilla, broad-leafed spiraea, rugosa roses, arctic willow, Amelanchier and sea buckthorn.

André Meloche, Jean Chalifour and Clément Beaulieu were in charge of these planting projects.

May 2009 – Our first planting of a part of the east bank of the river was done for a Mercier farmer (Salaberry Sud). The efficient participation of students from Louis Philippe Paré School under the direction of Colette Chayer was very much appreciated. ARRC volunteers and other volunteers helped as well. The aim of the exercise is to make everyone (farmers, citizens, and youth) aware of the responsibility we all have to keep our river healthy. Without the participation of all stakeholders, we will not achieve our goal.

The 500 trees were paid for by MAPAQ and ARRC. The following species were planted – red oak, sugar maple, black walnut, white ash, tamarack/larch, and yellow birch. A commemorative sign was set up on the site.

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