Garbage Can

Voluntary Citizen Involvement

2 sisters, members of ARRC, jog regularly along the banks of the river. No longer able to accept a river overflowing with debris – bags, glass, bottles and everything else that shouldn’t find its way into the river, they had a brilliant idea – have the city of Chateauguay place garbage bins along the bicycle path.

We can work out which spots are the worst and make a plan to fit the needs.

Red for the existing garbage bins

Green for large garbage bins

Blue for large garbage bins with recycling compartments

Yellow for small garbage bins placed on bicycle/jogging paths

This is the birth of a brilliant idea for the protection of our beautiful river. This plan was presented to our elected officials at City Hall and they are going to implement it. You can read about it in “On parle de nous”. On August 1, 2009 Michel Thibault wrote an article “Poubelles reclamées” in Le Soleil.

The 2 sisters responsible for this initiative are France et Marie Brunet.

Requests for any information from France and Marie can be sent to:

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